Jennifer Jermaine for AZ House of Representatives LD 18


The Issues

These are the issues I’m fighting for!

Family Leave

Paid Family Leave

Introduced legislation to provide state employees with 6 weeks of paid leave for the birth, adoption, or longterm foster care placement of a child. 

Women's Rights

Women deserve bodily autonomy and the ability to make their own healthcare decisions without government intervention or impositions. I also fully support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Civil Rights

Equality Under the Law & Civil Rights

We need to restore and protect the civil rights for our communities of color, women, LGBTQ, and individuals with disabilities.

Public Education

Public Education / Restore education Funding

Public education in Arizona has been systematically defunded over the last decade. We are over $1 billion dollars short of our 2008 funding level. That is unacceptable. The current children of Arizona deserve to have the same opportunities to succeed as previous generations. We need to restore the funding to public education and treat our teachers and school personnel with the respect and honor that their profession deserves. Our future economy depends on our investment in public education today.

Bi Partisanship


We spend too much time and energy yelling at each other along partisan lines and not enough time trying to figure out the root cause of our disagreement. If we take the time to breakdown arguments and find common ground, we can begin to solve the problems facing Arizona.